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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pokemon Matching Game (D4S) Download Free

Pokemon Matching Game (D4S)

Detail :
File Size: 709 KB.
Category: Feeware.
System Requirements: windows all.
Conditions: -.


Installation : When you download the files successful you can run up D4S.exe play it does not require any installation or Install it.

Usage : run into the D4S.exe matching fun at those who have played together many people impressed it. need to do is match with the same chip, but must be careful not to cross the barrier between what we have to link it. And if I go to the pro scams error was not introduced to the sounds of the game it by click on the Menu problem I and the Big problem of (B) click the check mark next problem in the hands (M) out on it. it can be played by Menu click on the column path C (G) and choose the order in s (N) on a regular basis. ( โปเกมอนจับคู่ )


The Champ said...

gg l

papinfaizal said...

I have BGM in midi file for this game.

Garfield said...

I really like that game but the thing is I can't play it with windows vista and windows 7. Do you have an update version? Thanks.

nabilcom said...


work with win 7

غسان يوسف said...

I really like that game

Mohammed Balla Gebreal said...

thanks my friends

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