Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pokemon Online Battle Simulator 1.0.53 Download

Pokemon Online Battle Simulator 1.0.53 has been released. Today coyotte508 released new version of Pokemon Online Battle Simulator. Some bugs on  1.0.53  also fixed on this version. download and changelogs below.

Download Links

Windows Server 
Mac Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion 


- some RBY bugs (stuff like Rock Slide flinching, Counter working with all physical types). The only known bug for gen 1 not fixed is the Wrap bug.
- The battlelogs plugin now works properly and doesn't crash the server
- Forfeits are now logged in the battle window and battle logs

- Tooltips now show correct stats (at least on up-to-date servers)
- U-turn/Baton Pass/Intimidate don't make the alpha battle window stop anymore
- Some translations were updated/added (including indonesian one)
Sounds don't crash XP clients anymore (at least shouldn't!)
- Alternate Meloetta and Darmanitan formes now show up properly
- Nicknames option is now correctly named
- Return / Frustration show correct power again in tooltips
- Removed reconnect feature that was intended for development only - incomplete feature

Some talk about the replay feature and the palette theme:

Replay feature:

Now, when you save the battle log, you also save a replay file (.poreplay extension). You can replay it by using File -> open replay.

For now, the replay window is very basic, so the only replay mode available is going at the same speed exactly as in-battle. Later there will probably be a set-delay-between-turns option added. Note that you can also play replays saved by the server, if the server has the battle logs plugin enabled.

If you have any battle bugs or problems with replays, it'll be a good idea to provide the replay files so we can deduce the problem

Palette Theme:

This is one of Deity's themes, and the theme associated with this download. It takes full advantage of the Color Changer plugin. Meaning you can easily change the color of the whole theme.


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